About me

I'm Matthijs van der Wild (/mɑˈtɛi̯s vɑn dər 'ʋɪɫt/), theoretical physicist and software developer.

I obtained my bachelor's degree in physics and master's degree in theoretical physics at Leiden University. Afterwards, I moved to Germany, and obtained my PhD (technically, my dr. rer. nat.) at the University of Freiburg. Currently, I work at Durham University.

As a physicist I have worked on projects that involve quantum geometrodynamics, quantum cosmology, supersymmetry and protein folding.

As a software developer I work on the LOFAR VLBI data processing pipeline. In this respect I work closely with the ASTRON Institute for Radio Astronomy.

Besides physics and programming, I enjoy writing, teaching and sharing information in other forms. I also enjoy studying languages, reading and gaming. I like to cook, but I am a baker at heart.

Feel free to reach out if anything here catches your interest! I am always eager to discuss new projects.

About this website

I mostly use this website as part of an ongoing project to organise my thoughts. Writing things down helps me make them more precise, while also freeing up brain space that I can spend on new thoughts. I find that, if I don't do this, I keep returning to the same points again and again. I prefer to be productive, so here we are.

An added benefit of this project is that everything I've written is accessible to those that might find it useful.

While I intend to experiment a little with the design of the website, the presentation of things here is supposed to be fairly minimal. I think that it is important that information is presented in a format that is accessible to everyone.

Change log

Drastic changes in the structure and layout of this website are be listed here: